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The wedding, that radiant day where the explosion of happiness merges with the sweetness of shared love, is a celebration brimming with joy, surrounded by your loved ones. What a memorable day! What a wonder it is to relive these moments captured by photographs, faithful witnesses of eternal bliss, frozen in photo albums and frames that reflect your very essence.

Before deciding on the photographer who will immortalize this celestial event, it might be wise to test their skills beforehand. That's why I propose a mini engagement photo shoot, lasting from 30 minutes to a maximum of 1 hour.


    This unique opportunity offers the chance to capture moments of natural beauty, imbued with the tenderness that defines the union of loving souls. You'll have the chance to assess the quality of my work, appreciate the finesse of printed images, and most importantly, determine if there's a strong connection between you and the photographer, an essential element in enhancing the significance of your big day. In a relaxed atmosphere, free from stress, we can create stunning, vibrant, and authentic portraits of both of you. These photographs could become the perfect images for your invitations and precious adornments to enhance the venues where love will be celebrated.

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As for the wedding itself, brimming with colors and filled with numerous activities, having a photographer is essential to immortalize the key moments of this unforgettable day, surrounded by the cherished smiles of your loved ones. There will be ample opportunities during the ceremony to capture natural moments filled with joy and intimacy, creating a visual symphony etched for eternity.


As a professional wedding photographer with several years of experience, I feel completely comfortable handling such a crucial event in your life. Employing a discreet approach, I specialize in capturing significant moments and being present where it matters, precisely when needed.


You'll find various wedding packages in my offer, adaptable to best suit your preferences.

Wedding Photo Package 'Mini' €665

  • Ceremony coverage only
  • Photographer's presence for 2 hours
  • Approximately 200 photos provided in HD JPEG format



Wedding Photo Package 'Premium' €1020

Ceremony coverage + mini photo session together

Photographer's presence for 2 hours during the ceremony + approximately 30 minutes for the couple session

Approximately 300 photos in HD JPEG format

10 photo prints size 13x18 cm + 2 photo prints size 20x30 cm


Wedding Photo Package 'VIP' €2950

Coverage includes preparations, ceremony, couple's photo session throughout the day

Photographer's presence for the entire day until 7 PM

Approximately 1000 photos in HD JPEG format

20 photo prints in your choice of sizes: 10x15 or 13x18 cm

5 photo prints size 20x30 cm

1 poster print in A3 or A3+ format

Additional Hourly Rate:

  • €95/hour until 7 PM
  • €150/hour from 7 PM onwards
  • Travel expenses included within a 10km radius of Sallanches
  • For travel beyond 10km, €1.50/km round trip

Explore my selection of personalized items to immortalize the magical moments of your wedding.

  • Mini Triplex Album - A tabletop presentation with three foldable panels.
  • Photo Albums - Customizable options for your cherished memories.
  • Handcrafted Wooden Frames (Deco Image Collection) - Tailored, custom frames to meet your needs, learn more at Deco Image.
  • Photo Prints and Enlargements - Transform your captured moments into stunning prints and enlargements.

High quality photo prints


Photo albums


Wooden photo frames 


Contact me now to receive a personalized quote for your wedding.

Don't forget to specify the date, venue of the ceremony, desired timings, and any specific photography needs you may have.

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